St Joseph's Mossley 
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Fr. Jim Clarke

Our Parish Priest is Fr Jim Clarke, appointed to the Parish By Bishop John in June 2022, and took up his appointment on 1st July. He is the middle child of five boys and was born and brought up in Rochdale, to Irish Catholic parents. He was ordained to the priesthood in 1995 at his home parish of St. John The Baptist in Rochdale, and has served at the following churches:-
St Winifred's Stockport - 2 years as curate
St Gregory's Farnworth - 6 years as Parish Priest
St Osmund's Breightmet - 2 years as Parish Priest
St Anne's Higher Openshaw - 12 years as Parish Priest
St Patricks and Malachy's 5 years - (with service to the Deaf. - 7 Years)
Now serving the communities of St Joseph's Mossley and Sacred Heart & St. William Uppermill, since 1st July 2022.