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Here's something to think about

As only young Sheldon could explain.

Happy mothers day!

Stuff to talk about!

Interesting YouTube bits

How's this for well trained?

Please use the expand arrows in the bottom right of video.

The joy of dance....and the talent of two young dancers - Amazing.

A dog that's into jazz - who would have thought?

I am not really a cat person, but I love THIS cat.

Click on the link below.

CAT - Funny

make sure the sound it on 

People do the strangest things

but are incredible at the same time.

Graffiti art at its best??

If you have not come across this lady, you are in for a surprise

Angelina Jorden

The first video is Angelina at 7 years old, when she first appeared on Norway's got talent and the second is now - she is 16!

I love people who have incredible talent who just seem to do what they do effortlessly.

Like the man in this video.

Sounds good in here.
Here is a man with an interesting take on his new container.....what else would you do in it but sing?

Dancing in the city...

I love it when this kind of thing happens, this man is a lovely singer, but watch what happens when a stranger joins in....

I think this young man is so talented!

We human are so talented, daring and a bit mad...

his video shows what I mean. Would you????

Samoan wildfire team

How's this for praising God after a days work?

If you have not heard this singer before you will be amazed at the range of his until the end!


Busy Trains

Next time you think your train has been overbooked, take a look at this.

Rush hour in Bangladesh