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The Catenian's

The Catenian’s are on a recruitment drive, and are looking for more members.

If you scratch the surface of many parishes, you will find Catenians are helping to run the parish. The Catenians were formed in 1908 at the behest of Bishop Casartelli of the Salford diocese. He called for Catholics to work together and used their skills to take an active role in all aspects of society. Catenians still strive to use their talents to help others. It was formed at a time when Catholicism was under assault.

Although no longer under assault, there is still great need for more Catenians to help parishes in the area. We are aware of the needs for support of overworked priests. Already we are beginning to hear of Eucharistic services. All our parishes in the very near future will need support to help priests and parishioners. We draw our membership from men over the ages of 18 years. If you would like more information, please contact Kevin Hartley. 07434058387. All. 01457837982. Alternatively you can read about the work of the Catenians on their web site at