St Joseph's Mossley 
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Newsletter beginning 13th & 14th July 2022

20th Sunday in Ordinary Time.

Masses times for this coming Week

Monday – NO MASS

Tuesday – 10:00am Mossley

Wednesday – 10:00am Uppermill

Thursday - 10:00am - Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament – 11:00am Mass

Friday –  10:00am Uppermill


Saturday Vigil – 12:15pm Mossley

Saturday Vigil 6pm Uppermill

Sunday 9:30am Uppermill

Sunday 11:00am Mossley

Confessions  on request

Relics of Saint Bernadette.

Would you like to go?  -  please add your name on the list at the back of church, and if there is enough interest, I will book a coach.

Throughout 2022 a relic of Saint Bernadette will travel from the upper Basilica in Lourdes crossing the English Channel to begin a much-anticipated tour of the UK, visiting every Catholic cathedral in the country. Salford Cathedral will host the relic from the 20th - 22nd of September 2022. This is a wonderful opportunity to venerate the remains of this beloved Saint and will be particularly meaningful to those who cannot make it to Lourdes in person. Find out more about the visit at More information will be provided in the coming months.

Food Bank Donations

Thank you once again for the generous donations of food which were delivered on Thursday. A wonderful thing it is to help the needy at this most difficult time.

Masses received this week

Please pray for the intention of the donor

Lately Deceased

John Knowles  Stephen Burke

Nuala Gildea   Ira Smith

John Spalding   Debbie Mulligan


Albert Jeffries      Florence Darlington

Ellen Hughes      

Special Intentions

Anthony Dermott (S)   Raymond Fressco

Grateful thanks for prayers answered

Rita Goodwin (S)   Heather Stubley

All children receiving Exam results

*** is number of masses for same intention

Last week’s collections

 Church offerings   £530.80

CAFOD   £4.00

Total £534.80 – Thank you for your continuing support.

Change of Telephone number

I have changed the provider for the internet which has come with a new telephone number.  Please note the new number for the presbytery is  

01457 511410

Join us for World Youth

Join us for World Youth Day 2023. Taking place between the 31st of July to the 7th of

 August 2023, World Youth Day will see young people from across the globe meeting

 this year in Lisbon to celebrate mass with the Holy Father. Applications to join on now

open - 18 years and above only. You can find out more by visiting 

The Catenians

The Catenian’s are on a recruitment drive, and are looking for more members.

If you scratch the surface of many parishes, you will find Catenians are helping to run the parish. The Catenians were formed in 1908 at the behest of Bishop Casartelli of the Salford diocese. He called for Catholics to work together and used their skills to take an active role in all aspects of society. Catenians still strive to use their talents to help others. It was formed at a time when Catholicism was under assault.

Although no longer under assault, there is still great need for more Catenians to help parishes in the area. We are aware of the needs for support of overworked priests. Already we are beginning to hear of Eucharistic  services. All our parishes in the very near future will need support to help priests and parishioners.  We draw our membership from men over the ages of 18 years. If you would like more information, please contact Kevin Hartley. 07434058387. All. 01457837982.   Alternatively you can read about the work of the Catenians on their web site at

Catholic Mass for the deceased

Bank Holiday Mass at St Mary's Cemetery
The annual bank holiday Mass at St Mary's Cemetery is returning this August for the first time since the pandemic. It will take place at 11am on Monday 29 August. All are welcome to attend, but it a Mass especially for those who have relative buried in the cemetery.

Gap year volunteering with Just Youth, Salford
Are you between 18  to 25 years and wish to support young people in discovering their full potential, developing their talents, and engaging them in their spiritual, moral and holistic growth through school chaplaincy, retreats, community engagements, missions and fun-packed programmes?
 Please go to and apply or write to or Call 07405661120 for more information


Children’s Liturgy

I am keen to reintroduce the children's liturgy.  If you have previously been involved or would like to get involved, would you please see Fr Jim. 


Altar servers.

I am sure that before the pandemic we must have a number of Altar Servers.   I would like to invite those children to get back involved serving the Lord’s Altar.  If this is you, or you would like to begin as a server for the first time, please see Fr Jim.

St Joseph’s RC Primary School

St Joseph’s Primary School presently has vacancies for children of Reception and Nursery School ages for September 2022.  If you, or you know someone who might be interested in sending their child to our school, please let them know about these vacancies.  Children do not need to Catholic to attend but will benefit greatly from the wonderful Catholic Ethos that is promoted throughout every aspect of school life.  If you would like to see the school’s mission statement, and read more about the school, please see the web page at

Register now for the Caritas Big Sleep Out 
Date: Friday 16th September 2022
Venues: Xaverian College Manchester and Holy Cross College Bury.
NB: This event is for over 18s only.
This is Caritas Salford's annual fundraising event for our Homelessness Services and we really do need you!  Please consider being sponsored to spend the night outdoors to raise funds to help Caritas ensure people have the support they need to prevent them from becoming homeless; that people who do become homeless are helped to secure, safe accommodation with the support they need to make a new home; and that no one has to sleep rough.

Register at or email Kirstie Davidson at to register a team

Salford Diocese and the environment

Help us on our journey to net zero
As part of its ongoing commitment to caring for our common home, the Diocese of Salford is working hard to reduce its carbon emissions. To do this, research is being undertaken to calculate our existing carbon footprint, and we are hoping to find out more about travel around the diocese as part of that. As such, we would be very grateful if parishioners could complete a short survey to help us understand a little more about their own journeys to and from church. Please visit to find out more and to complete the survey. 

Items for the newsletter

If you would like to share any information or news with the community, would you please give the information to Fr Jim who will put them on the weekly newsletter and the web site.